Nissan Takes Home Top Prize at CEATEC Innovation Awards for Self-Driving Technology

Back in August, Nissan Motor Company announced its plan to have multiple self-driving cars on the market by 2020. These vehicles, Nissan said, would function exactly as you’d hope a self-driving car would – you’d be able to enter an address on your GPS, select the option for Autonomous Drive and your car would take you to your destination from there.

This technology is so groundbreaking that it’s caught the eye of experts outside the automotive industry. Nissan recently won the Grand Prix, the top prize at the CEATEC Innovation Awards, which judges technologies, products and services that could have the greatest impact on consumers in the future. Nissan also took home the Smart Mobility Award.

CEATEC awards are chosen by a panel of journalists who cover IT and consumer electronics. No automaker had ever won the top prize before Nissan accomplished the feat.

We may not have any self-driving cars – yet – at our Massachusetts Nissan dealer, but the models we do have feature the best technology out there, such as NissanConnect. From hands-free smartphone use to access to your favorite apps and social networks, you’ll be able to stay more connected than ever in the driver’s seat of one of our new Nissan models.

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