New 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid in Plymouth, MA

Honda Boosts Fuel Efficiency of 2014 Accord Hybrid by Eliminating Transmission

New 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid

The new 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid will go on sale in the U.S. on Halloween, bringing with it 45 mpg on the highway and 50 mpg in the city – the latter being the best-ever rating for a four-door sedan.

As the saying goes, being the best often requires outside-the-box thinking, and it turns out Honda used a rather unconventional method to achieve this record-setting fuel economy: the brand eliminated the transmission from the 2014 Honda Accord Hybrid, MIT Technology Review reported.

Most hybrid vehicles so far have included transmissions that coordinate power between the gasoline engine and electric motor, resulting in the gasoline engine sometimes directly driving the wheels. Rather than having the gasoline engine drive the wheels, the new Accord Hybrid’s electric motor will drive the wheels instead, and power generated by the gasoline engine will be converted to battery power.

This technique helped Honda achieve a big boost in fuel efficiency with the 2014 Accord Hybrid. Check out the chart below to see how the new Honda Accord Hybrid compares to its closest competitors:

Hybrid comparison

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