Nissan BladeGlider Concept Vehicle

Nissan BladeGlider: Futuristic Vehicle Could Be on the Road Soon

Nissan has thrown its hat in the ring in the race to build the car of the future, including major developments in self-driving technology, and now the automaker has something in store that certainly looks the part.

Meet the Nissan BladeGlider. This concept vehicle, which Nissan plans to showcase at the Tokyo Motor Show, is based on the designs of F14 fighter jets and gliders. While it looks like something that came straight from the set of a futuristic film, you may see the BladeGlider on the road sooner than you think.

From its outward appearance and interior design all the way to how it performs, the BladeGlider is truly the car of a future generation. Here are some highlights:

Nissan BladeGlider Concept Vehicle

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Design: The deltoid-shaped three-seat BladeGlider has a 30/70 front-to-rear distribution – by comparison, the average vehicle is about 50/50 – with the two passengers situated only slightly behind the driver. The doors would lift out and up … much they do on the Batmobile.

Performance: An all-electric vehicle, the BladeGlider uses two motors mounted inside the rear wheels, transmitting power directly to the wheels. Because its body combines the features of jets and gliders, the BladeGlider would be extremely aerodynamic and have incredible steering capability, even around sharp turns.

After presenting the BladeGlider concept vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, Nissan is hoping this model could make its way to the mass market someday soon. We’ll be sure to bring it to you at our Massachusetts Nissan dealership once it becomes available, but in the meantime you can check out the new Nissan models we have on our lot.

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