WATCH: Shocking Volkswagen PSA Reminds Drivers to Keep their Eyes on the Road

If the alarming statistics about texting and driving haven’t kept you or your family members from using your cell phone in the car, this recent innovative message from Volkswagen might do the trick.

VW recently ran a PSA at a Hong Kong movie theater called “Eyes on the Road.” The audience members were shown a first-person video of a Volkswagen vehicle driving on an open road. They’re all focused on the screen, waiting to see what will happen, until a man in the back uses a location-based broadcaster to send a message to every cell phone in the theater.

While everyone takes their eyes off the video to look at their phones, the car suddenly veers off to the left and crashes into a tree. Then, these two messages appeared on screen: “mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel,” followed by “a reminder to keep your eyes on the road.”

The PSA is a great message from an automaker that has always been committed to keeping its drivers safe. Recently, the IIHS awarded a Top Safety Pick+ rating to the 2015 Volkswagen Golf and Golf GTI, which are equipped with numerous safety features both inside and out. Stop by our Stratham, NH Volkswagen dealership if you’d like to test one out. But whether you buy from us or not, please don’t text and drive.

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