VW to Let You Charge Your e-Golf with Just the Power of the Sun

2015_e-golf_3916Earlier this summer, Volkswagen announced the arrival of the e-Golf, an all-electric version of the popular Golf model. This made Volkswagen the only car manufacturer in the U.S. to offer the same model in both diesel and electric versions, a huge milestone for the green-vehicle movement. However, VW isn’t stopping there –the automaker announced that the e-Golf will be offered alongside an all-solar charging station, meaning that even when you plug it in, it will be saving you money and energy.

VW has partnered with SunPower, one of the largest solar-power manufacturers in the country, to develop the at-home solar charging station. The station works by drawing energy from rooftop solar panels and storing it internally for future use. When you plug in your e-Golf, it will automatically pull from this store of solar energy, meaning you can charge up your car without also charging up your electric bills, saving even more than you would by just forgoing gas fuel. As prices for alternative energy sources continue to fall, buyers can expect to save progressively more as time goes on.

Pricing and availability information isn’t available just yet, as the system is still in its final testing phase. However, it’s expected to be available in early 2015, shortly after the e-Golf itself begins to appear in dealer showrooms. The e-Golf itself will be powered by a 24.2-kWh lithium-ion battery and comes with a 7.2-kW onboard charger that should charge to full in about 20 hours via a standard power outlet, but can be charged in as little as 30 minutes if charged through a CCS/SAE combo socket. It retains the classic Golf design and will offer a roomier interior and more traditional look that is still uncommon in all-electric vehicles.

Stay tuned for more information on this cutting-edge eco-tech as it becomes available. For information about this and all Volkswagen vehicles, visit our Merrimack, NH Volkswagen dealership today!

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