Lowell Ford Drivers Roll Forward Past Deflategate

Has there ever been so much talk about PSIs before? It seems that anyone with an opinion is sharing it when it comes to Tom Brady and Deflategate. While we have no idea how many PSIs should be in a football, we do know how many should be in your tires.

Our Lowell area Ford Service Department wants your car rolling in the right direction. Your tires should always be in peak condition to ensure that your car is performing its best. Properly inflated tires assure the best possible contact between your tires and the road.

Under deflating can lead to a blowout. (Like a 45-7 type of blowout.)

Lowell area Ford Repair

We don’t want to see you stuck on the sidelines missing out, so we’ve made it nice and easy for you to ensure that you’re always traveling on the right threads.

Under Pressure

The auto experts at our dealership have laid out the three simple steps to ensure that Lowell Ford drivers never miss a snap!

Get a Gauge

Most auto parts stores have your standard air pressure gauges for no more than a few dollars, or you can splurge for a digital one, but that’s not a necessity. Most gas stations have gauges at their air pumping stations, but it’s always better to have your own.

Check the Pressure

Simply check the owner’s manual or the sticker located on the inside of your driver’s side door to find the ideal pressure to inflate your tires. If you operate a mid-size sedan or a compact vehicle, your PSI is most likely going to be between 30 to 40, but larger vehicles operate around 45 PSIs.

You should wait at least three hours after operating your vehicle to check your tire pressure for the most accurate reading. Place the gauge onto the tire valve stem evenly and then press down to get the reading.

Putting Air into a Tire

Adjust the PSIs

Now you’ll know whether or not your tires are deflated. Head to your local gas station with your gauge and inflate to the proper PSI. It’s important not to over-inflate your tires because this is just as dangerous as having them under-inflated. It’s best to check your tire pressure weekly if there’s sever weather or rapid temperature swings.

By following these steps to completion, you’re now set for safe and fuel-efficient driving!

We want to invite you to come on in to our Ford Service Department serving Lowell today to get your car back in the game. We’ll get you back in action in no time, definitely before someone’s four-game suspension is over. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at (978) 373-8400.

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