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There’s nothing people dread more than finding the right auto shop to bring their car to. When it comes to estimates, one shop might promise you a $500 bill and then rack up the charges throughout the repair. So, how exactly are you supposed to know which one to choose?

Well, the obvious answer is choosing our Collision Center serving Merrimack, but we understand that you need more than that. That’s why our team of highly trained auto technicians came together to make a list for you to go through to end up at the auto body shop that’s right for you!

…Hopefully we see you walking through our doors!

Collision Center Serving Merrimack

Shop for Your Shop


Any and every company advertises, but we suggest that you don’t find your next auto repair shop this way. Your best bet is through word of mouth. Your friends and family all have their own mechanics, so ask them whom they would recommend. It’s always better to go somewhere where you have some previous knowledge.

Location Location Location

Most of the time, you’re going to see an increase in your bill in terms of “labor hours.” While you may not take this into consideration, where your shop is located could play a big part in this. If it’s a higher end neighborhood, they might try to fleece the customers because they’re ritzy and they’ll pay it.

Body shops should use reference guides that estimate the number of hours required to perform common repairs and parts. Find one that goes by the book!

Shop Around

Avoid overcharges by taking your vehicle to several auto body shops to compare quotes. There’s nothing wrong with being a savvy shopper and you always want to make sure you avoid overcharges. On the other hand, don’t simply just take the lowest quote. There’s a reason why it’s so cheap and it’s usually because they’re not doing it right.

Come shop around and meet our collision team serving Merrimack.

Which auto shop to choose?

Hard-Hitting Questions

Never walk into an auto body shop with your wallet open, ready to pay any price. Go in smart and ask some key questions. Here’s some to ask right off the bat:

– Does the shop have a warranty? For how long?
– Do they carry theft and fire insurance?
– How long have they been in business?
– What parts and materials they plan on using?

Trust Your Gut

You have a gut feeling about everything, so don’t ignore it in this case. If the shop you’re visiting is empty, think about why that is. It’s probably because they give subpar repairs and customers are staying away. If it’s dirty or cluttered, you’re going to get the feeling that that’s the kind of work they do.

Always trust how you feel!

There you have it, follow these simple steps and you’re sure to end up at the right shop. We invite you to come on in to our Merrimack area Collision Center on your voyage of shopping around. If you have any questions, give us a call at (603) 634-0700.

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